3♣ – Make a break

Have a Kit Kat… Oops, wrong slogan, but I wouldn’t mind having a Kit Kat right now. Anyway, I have decided to take a little break this week. But even that is kinda interesting within this project. Because even this technically fits the project. It is making something. I have thought about this for a while now. Making doesn’t have to be just physically making something. You can ‘make’ a lot of abstract things – make friends, make a mistake, make amends, make-believe… It is quite a versatile verb.

I feel a little bit weird right now. If somebody asked me how would I feel if I “failed” a week during this project, I would’ve said: bad. But I don’t. There are a couple of reasons why.
– I don’t consider this a fail. The reasoning at the beginning is a bit for my comfort, but I do truly believe in it. I consider making a break a valid project for this challenge.
– The point of this whole challenge is to give myself an incentive to make something every week. For the purposes of the challenge, I decided that I want to make as many different things as possible, and that also means that I can’t repeat projects. So even though I haven’t made anything physical for this week’s project, I did make a bunch of stuff. I 3D printed a couple of planters, a model of a head for a friend, and some other knick-knacks. I made priganice. I made time for myself. I am making this blog post right now and I made a photo for this blog post… So, the part about making something every week is definitely done.
– I post this challenge publically to have something to hold me accountable for it, but I am aware that no one would really care if I completely missed a week, and most people probably wouldn’t even notice, so that makes this easier.
– This is my challenge and I am making the rules for it, so I can basically do whatever I want. 😀
– I needed a break. This challenge takes up a lot of time and mind space for me. It ican be very draining to keep up that for this long. I would call 34 weeks without a significant break a success. I was even working on this challenge while on vacation.

I am glad that this wasn’t a last-minute decision, so this week was actually a break. If I was thinking about what should I do until the last minute, and then decided that this is the only option, that would’ve been mentally exhausting. The way that it actually went was like this: Until Thursday I wasn’t really thinking about what should I do for this week. On Thursday and Friday, I thought about a bunch of ideas I have and what would be easy to do this week since I would have very little time to do the project since it’s already Thursday and on Friday after work I traveled to my hometown. I did have some ideas. And I actually have a backup plan for situations exactly like this. When everything else fails, there is one thing that I know I can do quickly and with simple materials. But another idea also popped into my head. And it was this, what I ended up doing. It didn’t take me much to set my mind onto this solution and to allow myself to do it and I am glad I did. Allowing this to myself is the key here. That is the main reason why I can do this with a clear conscience. And even though it sounds trivial and “why wouldn’t I do that”, that is a step that can be harder than it looks. Luckily, that part came easy this time.

I already have a project planned for the next week, and it will be a bit abstract too. This project was actually in plans for a very long time, and not even for this challenge. It is something I wanted to do anyway, so I just decided to also fit it in this challenge too. It is not actually even my project, but, stay tuned until the next week to see what I’m talking about.

This frame actually holds a special place in my heart and you can find it in most of my YouTube videos as an easter egg.

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