7♣ – Make a pinwheel

This one is straight from childhood. A blast from the past. Who hasn’t made one of these and ran with it in their hands. It is just a source of endless fun when you are a kid. But I’ll admit, it’s still fun when you’re a bit grown up.

This is an extremely quick and easy project so there was no reason not to do it. Especially when I backed out from my original plan for this week at the last minute. I will do the original plan too, It was just too tricky to do it alone and in a short time frame so I had to pivot.

Boring stuff

This was maybe the easiest project I’ve done so far. All you need to do is cut the paper to a square and then cut on the diagonals, leaving the center square intact. After that punch some holes in the center of the paper and on every second corner. Then find some sort of a stick (in my case cut a strip of thin plywood), get a nail, and just take all the corners together and put a nail through them and the center of the paper all into the stick.


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