J♣ – Make a pop-up card

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Pop-ups are one of those magical things that we see as kids and can’t even understand how they work. And even though we understand them a little bit more as adults, there is still something magical about them. You can have whole worlds pop up into your face as you open up the pages. How can so much fit in so little space? Pop-ups are also very familiar to me. I made only a couple of them in the past, but I did make a lot of origami models. And pop-ups are, in a way, just another way to fold paper. I like that you can make amazing things even with simple techniques. And you can easily get into it, learn a couple of mechanisms and start making stuff.

I am planning a much bigger pop-up project for the future, but for now, I made just a little thing that doesn’t really mean anything. It is just a demonstration of a couple of pop-up mechanisms. I wanted to make something bigger or more impressive but I didn’t really have an inspiration or the time for it. Some weeks are like that when you’re doing something like this and you need to be okay with that if you don’t want to burn out. For me, an important aspect of this challenge is not to make something amazing every week, but just to make something. I do try to at least keep it interesting and make something new every week.

Boring stuff

There is not much to say about this specific pop-up, it is just a couple of cubes being open by the magic of the V-fold and parallel sides. I did watch a tutorial for it and you can find it here. But if you want to actually learn more about pop-ups and how they work, I recommend this YouTube channel. You don’t have tutorials for finished products on that channel, but more lessons for the pop-up mechanisms. When you learn how they work, you can make original pop-ups, unlike mine here. šŸ˜€

Pop-up card

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