JOKER – Make an Origami GoAT

In the previous post, I said that that was the last numbered card in the deck. And that is true, but whoever ever saw one of my previous projects, they’ve seen that I always have an extra entry. In project 365 I had 366 photos, in project 52, I had 53, and so on. And besides, the deck also has Joker cards, and there was an extra week left in the year.

A couple of weeks ago when I made a photograph, I talked about how that was the backup plan if something goes wrong or if I don’t have anything else for a certain week and the reason for it was because that is one of my oldest hobbies and I feel very comfortable with it. Well, there is one even older hobby for me, and as you can see from the title, it is Origami. For those who don’t know, Origami is the art of paper folding. I got into it with an Origami book I got when I was about 9 years old. I was immediately fascinated with this wonderful skill where you take a 2D piece of paper and just by folding it you get a 3D shape.

Over the years, I would be more or less into Origami, but I feel like it is something I never left. It is always there with me. And sometimes I will just make some simple model when I’m bored.

Of course, when I started thinking about this whole challenge, Origami was one of the first things that came to my mind. Not long after I started the challenge I decided that it will be a backup option, not to be used too soon, just in an emergency. And about a half year into the challenge, I realized that it would be a perfect project to end this challenge on. After that, from time to time, I would think about it and what should I make. Maybe a Phoenix, which is the most complex model I’ve made? Well, I’ve already made that 3 times. Maybe Ryujin 3.5 dragon by Satoshi Kamiya (one of the most famous Origami artists in the world) which is the most beautiful and frightening model I’ve ever seen (It is made from a 100x100cm piece of paper and the level of detail is unbelievable – there are individual scales on it!!!)? Well, I wouldn’t even have time for that, and I’m afraid to try, it is daunting! Maybe a Cerberus that I once started but never finished, or to just find a new interesting model? Well, that seemed boring and insignificant for the project. And it was just a month ago when I realized that the perfect model was staring in my face all along – a goat. Goran Of All Trades. In the second project, I ever did for this challenge I talked about how I find it funny that the acronym of my website is GOAT. And now, I got a chance to lean into it.

It didn’t end up as good as it can, but that’s what you get for doing a project on December 31 while you’re moving and hosting a New Year’s Party. But let’s face it since I’m publishing it today, nobody will probably notice it anyway.

Boring stuff

Honestly, I would love to write a lot about making the Origami and the process of designing one, but, the truth is that it is 19:18 on December 31 while I’m writing this and I’m hosting a New Year’s party so there isn’t much time to do so. So I’ll do something I did 8 years ago when I made my second Phoenix. I will give short instructions on how to make this origami in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Take a square piece of paper and fold the paper in half diagonally. I used a 40x40cm piece of brown paper.

Step 2: Fold these creases (so-called pre-creases):

Step 3: Fold along previous creases.

Step 4: Add some details

And a Happy New Year!!! ^_^


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